Dyeclean 200

High-performance solvent for removing colourants, pigments, bitumen, adhesives and oils and fats


No hazard symbols. Acts powerfully and quickly. Removes even old and stubborn paint residue. Evaporates without leaving a residue. Economical. Long-lasting effect (low volatility). Based on plant material.
Colourants, pigments, bitumen, adhesives, oils and fats
Equipment cleaning, cylinder cleaning, part cleaning, surface cleaning, basin cleaning, mixer cleaning
Cloth, brush, atomiser, immersion bath, ultrasoand bath
Use andiluted. Caution: may damage inferior surfaces, test for compatibility beforehand. Recommended application times: colours: immediate effect; bitumen: immediate effect (application time dependent on degree of contamination).
Accordion Content
10, 20, 60, 200, 1.000 L