High performance solvent for removal of colourants, adhesives, resins, polymers, labels and stickers


No hazard symbols. Economical, long-lasting action (low volatility). Works on a wide range of adhesives. Broad scope of applications. Outstanding label remover. Replaces many hazardous substances such as acetone and isopropyl.
Colourants, adhesives, resins, polymers, labels and stickers
Equipment cleaning, roller cleaning, parts cleaning, surface cleaning, pre-cleaning, label remover
Cloth, brush, atomiser, immersion bath, ultrasound bath
Apply undiluted. Caution: may attack some surfaces. Test beforehand for compatibility. Recommended exposure time: 1-5 mins. (exposure time depends on contamination).
Accordion Content
10, 20, 60, 200, 1.000 L