Microsoft Teams at Eco-Nova


Microsoft Teams at Eco-Nova


Since the corona pandemic, many things have changed in both our private and professional lives.

From the chats at the coffee machine to the Friday afternoon drinks and company events. But also the visits to our customers, the demonstrations in production processes and experiencing face to face conversations. We had to miss it for a long time. So long, in fact, that the social connection between customers and our sales representatives has somewhat disappeared. And if there is anything important in a customer-supplier relationship, it is personal contact and the associated trust. In all these aspects, the social connection between the two also plays a major role.

In this Corona situation, of course, we too experienced many disadvantages as a result. But like many, we also adriftly searched for solutions and found the product Microsoft Teams. The relevance of Microsoft Teams for us was very high. Teams has helped us and our clients maintain collaboration between and with colleagues but also contact with our clients. It offered and provides us with the ability to share information, hold meetings and work on projects and solutions for our clients. This way we maintain our business continuity and security for our clients.

Microsoft Teams in our corporate structure


This allowed us to integrate the use of Microsoft Teams for us, into our structure and way of working, and we were able-to provide our customers with professional guidance on cleaning solutions in their production processes.

Previously we primarily met with customers in person; today we often use Microsoft Teams to do this. With this medium we can still meet face to face with customers or support them in their production processes in the area of cleaning and maintenance. At the same time, this saves us time for our customers, ourselves and we are more friendly to our environment and our surroundings.

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