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Why do we use Microsoft Teams at Eco-Nova?

Since the Corona pandemic, a lot has changed not only in our personal lives, but also in our professional lives. From chats at the coffee machine to Friday afternoon drinks to company events, there have been some changes in our work environment. Likewise, the visits to our customers, the demonstrations in production or good personal conversations, had to be omitted.

We value personal contact very much, but the corona pandemic and the energy crisis have shown us that a rethink is needed. For the social aspect in the customer-supplier relationship, we were looking for a communication solution and found it at Microsoft, with their Teams solution. Video chat as a means of communication has become the focus for many companies. For us, it was crucial to find a solution that was already known and established by our customers. The fact that many customers use Outlook as an e-mail program and that the chat function is already included spoke in favor of Microsoft Teams.

Video chat in our company structure

Microsoft Teams gives us the opportunity in a way to maintain a personal contact with our customers. The tool offers us a good alternative to share information. We can hold meetings and work on solutions in our customer projects. Even though it doesn't replace face-to-face meetings on site, we appreciate this way of keeping in touch with customers and have integrated this tool into our company structure. We are glad to have the opportunity to exchange and get to know each other digitally.

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