The war in Ukraine affects us all

Stop the war in ukraine

At Eco-Nova we condemn all forms of war and violence. Our team is following the events in Ukraine as they unfold and our hearts go out to the Ukrainian people. We are anxious for the civilian population on the ground, those fleeing and the brave people who are defending so valiantly against the superior force of Russia. The images and news broadcasts on the media are extremely upsetting.

Our team is deeply concerned about the people in Ukraine.

We strongly condemn such an act of war against a democratic and sovereign nation and it is completely incompatible with our values and principles. We have made the decision to discontinue all business activities with Russian companies nor to commence any new ones. Currently, we do not purchase any raw materials from Russia and will not do so in the future. We have all the raw materials for our Made in Germany products in stock and our supply chains are secure. We will continue to supply our customers with the usual reliability.

The Eco-Nova team sincerely hopes that peace negotiations take place quickly and that an early end comes about to this senseless war.


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