Special cleaning agents

In the area of special cleaning agents, we have a selection of agents available that we have developed for special customer applications or special areas of application. Generally, conventional cleaning agents cannot meet special requirements, because very specific properties or requirements need to be provided or adhered to. An example of a special application is cleaning street signs without impairing their reflective qualities. During the development of our solution, we combined the ingredients in such a special way that they fulfil their purpose without destroying the reflective properties of the signs. You may have already found a suitable special cleaner for your application, but the development of new cleaning agents for your specific needs is a constant challenge for us, which we would like to take with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

Eco Nova Einigungszubehör


Our account managers will be happy to personally recommend the right accessories for your application


Alkaline cleaner for removal of algae, green deposits and atmospheric impurities


Anti-damp and conserving cleaner protects electrical equipment from fats and oils and atmospheric contamination


Neutral cleaner for removal of atmospheric contamination, nicotine staining and fats and oils


Mixture of enzymes and microorganisms for the removal of fats and oils (synthetic, mineral, animal and plant)

Remonova NF

Gel-form solvent for removal of colourants, graffiti, inks and resins