Impurities such as bitumen, tar or asphalt mainly occur where these substances are processed: in road construction and mixing plants, but also in industrial production plants. Basically, bituminous contaminants are very persistent, which is why strong chemical agents such as diesel, etc. are still used throughout the industry. We now offer you cleaning agents that, in terms of functionality, deliver similarly good results, but, in terms of safety, demonstrate clear advantages over powerful chemical agents.

Antistick 100

Powerful abhesive for protection against bitumen, asphalt and porous asphalt

Bitu Nova NF

High-performance and dilutable solvent for removing bitumen, tar, asphalt, open porous asphalt (OPA) and oils and fats


High-performance solvent for removing bitumen, tar, oils and fats

Dyeclean 200

High-performance solvent for removing colourants, pigments, bitumen, adhesives and oils and fats


High-performance solvent for removal of adhesives, colourants and pigments, and bitumen