There is an almost infinite variety of different adhesives and types of adhesives available. They differ in terms of their chemical composition (water-based, solvent-based, etc.) or the way in which the adhesive property (thermal, UV, 2K, etc.) is created. In particular, hardened and processed adhesives pose many challenges for companies, as cleaning them proves to be very time-consuming. Our approach is to avoid mechanical cleaning as far as possible and use detergents for the right application to loosen the adhesives. Dangerous raw materials are unacceptable to us. In the meantime, constant development has produced a remarkable range of functional and safe cleaning agents for all types of adhesive contamination.

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Dyeclean 200

High-performance solvent for removing colourants, pigments, bitumen, adhesives and oils and fats


High-performance solvent for removal of all kinds of adhesives such as 2K, hotmelt, dispersion glue, paraffin, polymers, acrylic, labels and stickers


High-performance solvent for removal of adhesives, colourants and pigments, and bitumen


High performance solvent for removal of bitumen, adhesives, fats and oils, pigments, colouring inks and atmospheric contamination


High performance solvent for removal of colourants, pigments, adhesives, bitumen, fats and oils


High performance solvent for removal of colourants, adhesives, resins, polymers, labels and stickers