Quality management according to ISO 9001

Zertifizierung nach ISO 9001

Why did we decide to be certified according to ISO 9001?

Quality is not a given, in fact quality must be systematically managed. This is what Eco-Nova GmbH wants to achieve.

With the introduction of this standard in quality management we improve the company performance on all levels. Besides the internal reasons to introduce such a standard, there are customers who demand this from us as a supplier. In the last few years we have been constantly working on our quality management, which has led to an improvement of our services, internal processes, but also our products. Errors and complaints from our customers have been reduced to a minimum.

ISO 9001, a quality management that suits us.

Our QM is adapted to the size of our company. The cooperation with an external partner helps us to get rid of the tunnel vision and to look at our own system from the outside. We have managed to streamline our quality management in such a way that it increases efficiency on the one hand and reduces the workload on the other. We thus ensure the quality of our products for our customers!

We are proud to have received this certificate from DEKRA again this year.

Our thanks go out to Saskia, who is responsible for the quality management as a quality representative and thus contributes a significant part to the fulfillment of the criteria for the ISO 9001 certification.

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