Cleaners without hazard symbols?

For manufacturing companies it is becoming more and more important to remove cleaners marked with hazard symbols from production facilities and replace them with harmless and safe cleaning solutions.

Many are familiar with this… on the cleaners that are used on a daily basis there are all kinds of hazard warnings and hazard pictograms such as a flame, fish or a skull and crossbones. In many industrial plants, for example toxic, corrosive or irritant products are used for cleaning. These products pose a danger to employees and the environment.


In case of melting, adhesions or for the removal of oils and greases, ” harsh ” cleaners are used. These hazardous cleaners require special measures such as PPE or storage instructions. The fact that these cleaners are marked with symbols and that corresponding safety data sheets are available for them is regulated under the International Regulation for Hazardous Substances (CLP). In this way, the occupational safety specialist knows how to assess the hazards and what protective measures are necessary when using the cleaning agents.

Improve safety and save costs

To ensure the safety of symbolic cleaners, many measures are necessary in the company. Special storage requirements apply to liquid cleaning products. Storage areas must be well ventilated and first aid measures and PPE (personal protective equipment) must be adapted to the liquids being stored. It is necessary to instruct employees and to train personnel regularly. When storing liquids together it should be noted that acids and alkalis must be stored separately from each other. When stroring quantities of 200 liters or more, measures e.g. fire protection, fire department plan, fire extinguisher etc. must be provided. Depending on the hazard class, many regulations must be observed. With cleaning solutions from ECO-NOVA, safety can be improved and costs can be saved.

We substitute cleaners with hazard symbols

Often companies and employees are not aware of the possible consequences of using cleaners containing hazardous substances. The intoxicating effect of some ingredients can also lead to unconscious dependence (e.g. painter’s disease) on solvents.

Regular inspection of cleaners is therefore advisable. For companies it is often time-consuming to keep an inventory of cleaners and, despite hazard symbols there is a great reluctance to replace classic cleaners of concern with an ecological and safe alternative. However, awareness in purchasing is increasingly changing because the assumption that a cleaner only works if it contains harsh or hazardous substances is no longer valid.

The demand for safe, ecological and innovative cleaning solutions is increasing. Also in the context of the “ecological footprint” this becomes more and more in the focus of the industry and the producing trade. ECO-NOVA GmbH supports companies in the substitution of cleaners with hazard symbols. We inventory the existing portfolio of products containing hazardous substances and offer ecological and justifiable alternatives up to tailor-made cleaning solutions.

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A large number of products that we use every day for cleaning contain hazardous substances. Depending on the area of application, these cleaners have special properties and thus different hazardous substances and hazard symbols.

The terminology alone makes it clear that hazardous substances do not only have desirable properties. Companies and employees are often unaware of the possible consequences of using cleaners containing hazardous substances.